Live Workshops


Are there WC facilities on site?

Yes, you’re in luck there are toilets provided on site.

Where is the nearest carpark?

The nearest carpark is over the road and is £1 an hour, although at busy times it might bee full. There are also more carparks towards the North Laine on Whitecross Street and Blackman Street which are more expensive, but have more space. Please make sure you are parked legally, we cannot accept responsibility for parking or towing fines.

I want to come by train, how far is Brighton train station from the workshop location? 

Brighton Station is 10 minutes walk from The WoodStore where the workshops are held.

Where is the nearest Bus Route?

There are many bus stops and bus routes passing this area, we are close to Seven Dials, London road and Brighton Station, as such there are many passing busses and variations of routes you could use. Take a look at Brighton and Hove buses to  plan your route, the location of the workshops is;

Brighton Wood Store
Elder Place
BN41 2GD

What happens if I can’t make it on the day?

If you let me know within 7 days of the workshop you are booked on that you cannot attend I will give you a credit note to return on a day that you can attend. 

Is my ticket transferable?

You can transfer your ticket to someone else, although they will need to bring proof of this and you must notify me and get a response at least 24 hours prior to the workshop you are due to attend.

What should I wear?

Please bring suitable clothing that you don’t mind getting dusty. Your clothing should be comfortable to work in, with no loose or baggy parts that could get stuck in the power tools. Rings and hanging necklaces or earrings must be removed & long hair must be tied back. 

Steel toes caps or strong boots are advised that cover the ankles, no open toed footwear is permitted in the workshop. There are WC facilities where you are welcome to change.

I want to bring a minor with me is that OK?

Minors can join in the Workshop, although they need a ticket and must be sensible during the workshop and be able to follow safety instructions.

Can I store my finished work at the WoodStore and come back for it later?

We advise taking your completed work with you, as we do not have a storage facility. You could also go to the Post Office and send the item to yourself at home if you don’t want to carry it around all day. The nearest Post Office is in London Road (BN1 4JF) which is a 2 minute walk and is open until 17:30 on Saturdays.

What if I injure myself during the class?

We always have a registered Health and Safety officer on site incase you accidentally injure yourself. You will be taught how to safely use the equipment so we take every precaution to ensure your safety.

Can I get a refund because I cannot attend?

If you let me know at least 7 days prior of the workshop you are booked on that you cannot attend I will let you choose another workshop date that is available. I do not offer refunds unless I cannot attend and cancel the event, or you are seriously ill or have been in an accident or had a death in the family and have documentation to prove this.

Will I be able to get food and refreshments nearby?

Yes! This is Brighton, there are restaurants, cafes and bars jostling for your attention on every street, in fact just over the road you can access London Road which has many eateries and shops for you to peruse.

Can I take photos during the event?

You can take photos and videos as long as this does not impair safety. Please find me on social media and tag me, we also use the hashtag #salvagesisterworkshops where you can see other visitors images.

I don’t want my photo taken, what should I do?

Just say the word and we’ll make sure you were never seen!

I want to come and make the item but it’s too big to take home, what should I do?

If you cannot carry the item and do not have a vehicle you can arrange a courier or donate the item to the Woodstore for them to sell and put funds back into the charity. In special circumstances The Salvage Sister may help you arrange logistics of items, but this must be agreed prior to the workshop day, please get in touch for details 

 What if I’m late?

We always ask attendees to arrive 10 minutes early because then you have time to get aquatinted with each other, get your PPE on and start the class in a relaxed manner. Although sometimes being late is unavoidable, if you are running late please let me know here. Depending on how late you are you may find that you do not have enough time to complete the build.

Is there access for disabled persons?

The workshops are on the ground floor so wheelchair access is provided. Please contact me if you have special requirements and I will endeavour to help you with them.

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