Here are a few of my Chavey statues. They are a contemporary twist on classical historic statues, you can see Venus De Milo in Burberry, Micheal Angelo’s David Vs Ronald Macdonald and Borat. Hercules in drag and a Cherub in St. Christophers boy school uniform looking scruffy and listening to an Ipod as they are usually so well turned out. I came up with the idea for these statues as I had a reclaimed statue kicking around for ages. As I sat daydreaming over a coffee one morning I decided to paint it and make a dull average garden object into a piece of contemporary art. I love the irony of these pieces, I enjoy the amusement people get from looking at them and coming up with new ideas is always fun. You can buy my statues at

Interior and exterior design for me is about coming up with ideas to make your space unique and individual to you and that is what I am always striving to achieve for my clients and in my own home. To contact me regarding interior design and DIY questions and quiries email me at or leave a comment on the blog, get involved!

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