From scab to Fab – the BBQ wall light

    Project Description

    This piece was made on Kirstie’s Fill Your House for Free for Arfa & Salim on Channel 4.

    The BBQ wall light idea was born from a need to shock a couple into changing their wasteful habits & get them on the reuse & up cycling bandwagon.  I looked around the ‘Fill Your House for Free’ shop in Glasgow for the most delapitaded, skanky thing I could find to show that just about anything, no matter how scabby & decayed can be turned into something beautiful & useful.



    First I took the BBQ apart & put my grinder to work on it to remove the rust. (When using a grinder you must make sure the item you are working on is clamped down so it doesn’t spin off and injure you, you should also wear a mask & gloves to prevent you breathing in metal shavings or harming your hands.) Once it was looking clean I put masking tape over it, diving the shape into 16th’s. An easy way to do this is to lay tape across the middle to make two halves, then across the middle of those to make quarters and so on.



    I used a drill & metal drill bit to make holes of varying sizes across the dome in a star burst design. You can use a large drill bit to remove the excess sharp metal from around the hole by hand after you drill your holes. With holes done & the rusty surface gone it was time to paint. I chose metal spray paint for a smooth finish in Gold to fit the theme in the rest of the room. I also sprayed the inside of the BBQ to reflect the light.



    Kirsty ran off during the make & came back with an ornate circular frame, which to our amazement fit around the dome perfectly & gave the light a fantastic finishing touch & added to the ‘Bollywood Bling’ theme. I used cheap bicycle lights from a pound shop for the interior which I attached to original grate so I wouldn’t have an ugly cord hanging down & I used off white tissue paper as a diffuser inside the dome.


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