Project Description


The Jam jar chandelier made for Louise on Channel 4’s Fill Your House for Free series 2.

I’m sure you have a house or recycling bin full of old jars. They are great for a variety of uses, I use them for sorting screws & small items in the workshop & occasionally I use them to make beautiful light features. They come in all different shapes & sizes, so before you start up-cycling work out how large you need your jar – remember you need to fit your light fitting in there & your bulb with enough space around it.



Once you have your selection of clean label-less jars you need to make a hole in the lid (using jars with metal lids is best, plastic cracks & metal also looks better) ready for your light fitting. You can buy light fittings & cord online, make sure they are certified under UK/EU regulations. The light fittings unscrew so you can wire them up & then screw them together to the inside of the jar lid. Always make sure you are wiring the fittings responsibly & correctly, and make sure you get a qualified electrician to install your chandelier and use a rubber grommet or washer to protect the wires going into the rose. I also used metal washers on the underside of the jar lid to displace the weight across more of the surface area of the lid.

You will need a hook into the ceiling to take the weight of the chandelier as well as a ceiling rose to house your wires. Our hook is concealed behind the ceiling rose.

IMG_3093             IMG_3095

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