Usherette display unit for Mathers Ices in Brighton

    Project Description


    This is my mannequin display unit made for Mathers Ice Cream in Brighton’s Open Market off London Road.

    I was asked by Mr Mathers (or Brett for short) if I could come up with an eye-catching display unit for his homemade fudge & chocolate. Funnily enough I already had an idea for a mannequin display modelled on the old usherettes from the early days of cinema & I had been waiting for the right opportunity to unleash it!

    Brett was open to cool & unusual ideas, which is always great for a designer!

    I got to work using salvaged materials to build her from – the actual mannequin is old shop dummy, the same kind you see in shop windows sporting the latest apparel. She had to be cut a bit but she kept pretty still.

    She is supported by a fence post which I’ve aged & stained & she is finished with copper leaf. I wanted to make her look vintage, like she’d been through the wars a bit so the finish of all the materials is stained & aged to match the theme in the ice-cream parlour. The display’s base is a reclaimed metal floor tile, the kind they use under carpets in office blocks, I attached wheels with breaks so Brett could easily move her about. Her wooden tray & the shelves underneath are all bespoke & handmade by myself to fit perfectly & be easily removable.

    Her head is a chalk board so the latest specials can be showcased daily.

    She is a sturdy eye-catcher taking centre stage in the parlour, pop down & give her a look over & get yourself a nice coffee & ice-cream while you’re at it!

    If you are looking for something awesome & eye-catching for your business get in touch via the contacts page.

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