Wall hung suitcase cupboard

    Project Description

    Find yourself a vintage suitcase and get busy! The one I have here is pretty sturdy and has a hard backing, so there was no need to strengthen it. If yours is too flimsy to hold the weight of the shelves you may want to think about a hard backing.


    I used some offcuts of wood to make shelves that fit snuggly inside the case and some ‘ski’ brackets.

    I worked out where I wanted the shelves to sit and made sure my wall fixings would be covered by the shelves. I fixed the suitcase to the wall by drilling holes in the wall & using raw plugs and screws, I also put metal washers on the back over the screws to strengthen the hole & make sure the holes in the suitcase would not have too much pressure exerted on them.


    Once my suitcase was on the wall I took my ready make shelves & brackets & then fixed them in place using brass flat head screws which complimented the look of the vintage case.


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