Steel apple with copper leaf
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Steel apple sculpture – End world hunger

Steel apple sculpture – End world hunger

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This forged steel sculpture of an apple with 1/3 missing was created to highlight the need to end world hunger. Around 1/3 of the world’s population goes to bed hungry everyday, while around 1/3 of the western world’s food is wasted daily.

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You can watch the apple being made here –

You can learn more about the concept of the apple design here –


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Forged steel hinges with brass rivets

Forged steel hinges with brass rivets

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I forged these hinges from mild steel by heating the metal with Oxy-propane gas and manipulating the metal to form the shaped I needed, and then removing some of the stock so the two parts could hinge together. This was part of a college project which investigated the theme ‘subversion’. I chose to subvert patriarchal religion and society.

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