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I’d been looking for a bathroom cupboard for a little while now, when I stumbled across this.

Now, it wasn’t looking too amazing, although it was the size and style for my bathroom… and more importantly I managed to purchase it for £5!

And being a keen up-cycler I knew I could make it look fantastic with a little elbow grease! I took it home, gave it a little sanding, just enough to create a key for my paint to stick to.
I had some ‘B&Q – Antique Grey’ wood paint left over from my bedroom and I knew it would contrast perfectly with the colours in my bathroom. I wiped off the dust from sanding with a wet cloth and painted the bathroom cupboard. It took two coats to turn it into this:

Not bad for a fiver! How much would you pay for it now?

Then there is the Moroccan style hardwood table I bought for £30! I’ve seen tables like this in the shops for £199 and up, what a bargain! The guy was asking £50, but with a little charm I struck a deal with him.

It just goes to show what you can buy with your money if you are willing to shop around and put a little effort in. Both of these items I bought within the last couple of weeks, I love a good boot sale, you never know what you are going to find. But you can be sure, it will cheap as chips!

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