Brightening a room with bespoke Artwork

/Brightening a room with bespoke Artwork

Brightening a room with bespoke Artwork

I’m a a great believer in supporting your local artists, buying local art and commissioning local artists to paint for you. Far too many people have the same old tat as their neighbours, family and friends. Good interior design should reflect your character, and what better way to achieve that than commission your own artwork?! Here are a few pieces I have painted, below is my family portrait and above are some of the pet portraits I have been commissioned to paint for my clients.

When you commission artwork obviously you can choose what the artwork will be of, I also give my clients the option of choosing the colours too, they can then have their pet for example painted in a colour that will suit the décor in their room.

Murals are another fantastic way of making a room unique, kids especially love having their favourite characters on the wall, and even sometimes overgrown kids (men) want a Storm Trooper in their office!

The fireplace above is a mural I painted for a lovely lady in Kilburn, London. People don’t believe me when I tell them but this wall is in fact flat and the complete fireplace and black ledge it sits on is all a painting. It took me 23 hours to paint and I completed in in a day and a half, once you get started you just can’t stop!

Catherine wanted something unusual, and she wanted something that would trick her friends. I used a style called ‘Trompe l’oeil’ which means to trick the eye. She tells me she feels much warmer in the lounge now, even though she knows it is a painting! Strange!

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