Designing a child’s bedroom

/Designing a child’s bedroom

Designing a child’s bedroom

You can have great fun with this one, you can use colours and patterns and characters that you wouldn’t normally be able to use in other rooms of the house for fear of seeming insane!

You can really let the creativity flow and experiment with bright colours for walls and wood work.

The design and use of characters usually depends on a child’s age, obviously when designing a nursery you choose for your child. As kids get older they will let you know exactly what they like.

In the pictures above you can see Gloria the hippo, Alex and Marty the lion and zebra, the lemur king and the baby lemur from the film Madagascar. The idea for the theme came from the need for the bedroom to suit a boy and a girl and Madagascar is a brilliant film with larger than life characters. I painted the room in a back ground of jungle theme, and on what used to be the fireplace I painted a beach scene with palm tree’s. On the ceiling I painted sky blue and I painted the skirting boards, door and radiator in bright yellow to give it a bright cartoon feel.

The design of the room didn’t finish with the painting of it, I carried on the theme into the furniture. All the furniture, the wardrobe, chest of draws, bed etc I bought are wood and I even found a vintage treasure chest to finish off the desert island theme.

Kids rooms don’t have to be as detailed and complicated. Although babies and children are known to react to bright colours and patterns from an early age and having a room that is interesting can certainly stimulate them and help them to develop.

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