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Feature walls

Having a feature wall in your room is a great way of making a focal point of design without having the whole room becoming overbearing. You can choose a very bright or dark colour for one wall – the feature wall, possibly the fireplace wall then choose a lighter colour which complements the feature wall for the rest of the room.

A feature wall doesn’t have to be painted of course, I’ve seen some wonderful ones done with wall paper. Something which I think makes a fantastic feature wall is photograph wall paper, you can choose anything from New York Skyline to waterfalls and green forests.

I think you have to be careful with some of the designs in smaller rooms and choosing the right wall for the feature can make all the difference. I particularly like the close up of rose petals which makes a great feature in the bedroom with it’s romantic and fresh feel, I used it recently in a bedroom design I worked on (above). It was perfect with the romantic/shabby chic theme and left the room with a splash of colour but kept it light and airy which you need in a small room.

The real feather Angel wings came from a wedding shop and give the room an unusual edge, and takes it that little bit closer to heaven!

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