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Welcome to my first interactive online video course, it will be the first of many!

Combination Drill (Combi) - Short Online Course

Learn to use a combi drill with the Salvage Sister, just like she’s in the room with you!

My online courses are a format of bitesize videos – followed by a short quiz or task to help you retain the information.

You’ll be encouraged to use your own tools with the Salvage Sister’s guidance, these are the course chapters –

  • Intro  – what to expect
  • Safety
  • Types of handheld power drills & when to use them.
  • How to put drill bits & accessories in a combi drill 
  • How to Match driver bits to screws 
  • Fixing to Walls in your Home – mortar, brick, plasterboard
  • Pilot holes and fixing screws into wood 
  • Which drill bit? + How to tell them apart.
  • How to hold a drill & use it safely & efficiently
  • Combi Drill buttons & settings 
  • Quick tip for removing nylon wall plugs 

There are several way to enjoy my short courses as a standalone module like ‘Drills’, sign up to a course bundle with a pre selected curriculum,  or become an annual member of my online learning platform & pay a monthly subscription to receive access to everything.

Do you know how to tell drill bits apart?
Would you like me to tell you?
Are you a DIY Disaster?
Do not fear, this course will make you a Master!
DRILLS - Everything you need to know
For DIY, crafting, making & building - you're going to need to drill
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