Bespoke Art Deco window frame made from reclaimed timber.

/Bespoke Art Deco window frame made from reclaimed timber.
Bespoke Art Deco window frame made from reclaimed timber.

Project Description

I absolutely love this art deco window frame and the Usherette mannequin display I recently completed for Mathers Ice Cream at Brighton open Market.

The frame is made entirely form reclaimed timber, the wood used to be cladding on a barn. I was smitten with the rustic look of the wood & it’s coloration straight away when I found it at The Wood Store in Brighton.

IMG_4861          IMG_4911

Above left is the parlour before I got to work on the window frame, it was a bare space that needed something to draw the eye in. You can also see the wood above right before I started on it.

IMG_5281          IMG_5174

Because I was using reclaimed wood & there was only so much of it in reasonable condition I only had a certain amount of the wooden planks that were wide enough or long enough for some of the parts of my design. So before I started working with the wood I made sure all my measurements on my drawing were exact, I also made a template from cardboard & took it down to the parlour to check it was definitely the correct size & all the proportions were correct – I wanted to make sure the window space that you look through was as big as possible to let light through & make the shop floor visible from the back, without seeing any of the original sides of the wall when you look through the window.


I used a router on the outside edges of the fingers on the fan each side to soften the design and fit better with the curves & shapes of the overall frame.


My design meant the frame was fixed together by overlapping, on the overlapped pieces I had cut a step out of the wood, in this step I used wood glue to bind the pieces together and held it tight with heavy duty clamps until set. Then to secure it further & protect from movement & warping of the wood I used metal mending plates screwed into the back of the frame which I had bent into a zig-zag shape to fit my steps, I also chiseled the wood out to fit the plates snuggly & flush like they do on antique furniture.

IMG_5392             IMG_5432

Above you can see how I stained & waxed the wood. The stain really brought out those gorgeous lines in the wood & the wax gave it a sheen & protection. I copper leafed the middle finger & aged it for a rustic vintage look. Below is the completed frame before it went up on the wall using brass screws.



If you would like to commission a bespoke piece, shop re-fitting or bar refit please get in touch via the contacts page & have a look through my gallery to see some of my other projects.

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