Cricket helmet table lamp

/Cricket helmet table lamp
Cricket helmet table lamp

Project Description

This contemporary ‘industrial chic’ lamp used to be a beaten up, unwanted old cricket helmet. I love the shape of the helmet & the metal grate on the front just ads to it, plus lends itself as a rather handy height adjustable stand – depending on the ambience required.

The hole in the top of the helmet is great for threading the electrical wire through & means the actual structure & integrity of the helmet stays completely in tact.

I started by removing the foam inners – (in this case a relatively quick & simple job, although sometimes the inners seem positively welded in place!)

Next step is to give it a good sand, wipe down & spray paint job. In this instance I used a black ‘hammered effect’ spray – this gives the helmet it’s charming metal aesthetic & completely changes the feel of it. On the inside I used gold spray paint – all important for beautiful ambient light reflection. (You could also use silver for a colder glow.)

I also spritzed some flecks of gold over the outside which gave it a bronzed affect.

cricket helmet upcycle                cricket helmet before

I’ve used a black electric cable and gold light fitting to compliment the new colours of the helmet.

You can find free or very cheap cricket helmets & old sports equipment ready for up-cycling on Freecycle, Freegle, boot-sales, charity shop, reuse centre and online auction sites. You could even ask friends and family what they have kicking about in their loft, garage or shed.

Let me know how you get on with your up-cycles, or if you’re less of a hands-on person – more of an admirer feel free to get in touch to commission me.


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