Project Description

I was commissioned to create a bench from parts of West pier salvage and reclaimed barn boards. My client supplied the West Pier salvage and some cast iron bench arms, I sourced the reclaimed wood from Brighton Woodstore.

Fitting the bench arms to the back was challenging due to the back having a completely different curve to the arms, I had to cut out pieces of wood to the rear of the bench to create a gradual change in curve for comfort and aesthetics.

I created a new sturdy framework for the bench from mild steel and replaces all supports and added stainless steel fittings so they would not rust in the future.

I stained the wood with Osmo in dark oak, and my client painted the metalwork after I had fabricated a strong framework for the bench, but before I put it together for the last time.

You can read more about this build on the West Pier Trust’s website by clicking here.

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