/Freestanding Prosecco display for Holland and Barrett
  • Prosecco display made from salvaged pallets
  • freestanding prosecco wall for events and weddings
  • Prosecco stand in A board style
  • A-board style Prosecco displays for events, weddings and celebrations
Freestanding Prosecco display for Holland and Barrett

Project Description

Handcrafted Prosecco stands I made for Holland and Barretts zero waste annual press event at HSA in London.

These had to be made from free, unwanted pallets and be easily stored for use again and again. they also needed to be freestanding as H&B were not allowed to drill the walls for fixings.

These would be great for a range of press & marketing events or weddings, birthdays and celebrations in style.

Get in touch with your zero waste event requirements to commission your own event displays.

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