Holland & Barrett Zero Waste Press Event

/Holland & Barrett Zero Waste Press Event
  • A trio of display plinths made from pallets that fit inside each other
  • using pallets to create zero waste event displays
  • plinths made to fit inside each other handmade from pallets
  • Russian doll type plinths that fit inside each other
Holland & Barrett Zero Waste Press Event

Project Description

I was commissioned by Holland & Barrett to create zero waste event displays for their annual press event at the HSA in London.

This was a massive event that is incredibly important for Holland & Barrett as it is vital for them to show off all the products they are selling over the next 12 months to the press & rain as much publicity for the products as possible over the coming year.

Holland and Barrett really wanted this even to be zero waste, as events are notoriously high waste with many items being bought new and thrown away after use which is often just one day.

I was commissioned to create 3 trios of plinths from pallets – the trios consist of 3 plinths in 3 sizes which fit inside each other like Russian dolls – this made storing and logistics much easier as they take up less space when packed together.  You could also use one size from each set to create a larger display area. Each plinth was made entirely from free, salvaged pallets which I deconstructed before re-configuring into the plinths described.

See also my freestanding plant wall & Prosecco stands – all designed & created from pallets to Holland & Barretts precise bespoke needs.

If you need shop or event displays and are a waste conscious brand you can contact me here to discuss your requirements & potential costs.

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