Lightfoot – mannequin leg floor standing lamp

/Lightfoot – mannequin leg floor standing lamp
Lightfoot – mannequin leg floor standing lamp

Project Description

I love mannequins, they lend themselves to all sorts of up-cycling oddities. I’ve used hands, feet and torso’s in my work, so I thought it was about time the legs got a look in!

I took the mannequin apart & sanded the legs to create a key for my paint. I use very fine ‘wet & dry’ sanding sheets – these are great for creating a key and an excellent base for smooth spray paint coverage. Always make sure you brush off dust & wash it thoroughly to make sure all dust remnants are gone before spraying, otherwise you will ruin all your hard work!


Then the fun bit… getting the wire up the mannequin! Now although these legs look all smooth on the outside, the inside is quite often a different matter. This mannequin is made from fibre glass & resin & there are often lumps & bumps on the inside… which makes getting a wire down the length of a leg quite a wrestling job! Luckily it was mid Summer so it wasn’t too bad.

IMG_0379            IMG_0380



Knowing it can be quite a struggle I like to get the wire in before the paint job – that way I don’t scuff her up while wrestling! (What must my neighbours think?!)

I then mask up the wire to keep it free from paint & it’s spray time.

I chose a bright orange car paint, I love bright colours & I knew the orange would look great against the vintage globe which I had earmarked for her shade, plus it would work really well with the beautiful rustic chunk of wood I had salvaged for her base.


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