My salvaged & recovered button tufted headboard

/My salvaged & recovered button tufted headboard
My salvaged & recovered button tufted headboard

Project Description

This headboard really was an eyesore when I first saw it, it actually hurt to look at it. Think Granny chic peach velvet with questionable stains all over it Uuuurrrrgh. Something had to be done!

So I removed the old horrible fabric & found myself some really simple grey upholstery fabric to cover it with. I took out each upholstery button & recovered it using fabric samples and glue (There are other methods depending on the type of button you have).



I did some research on upholstery techniques & worked out how much material I needed. Bear in mind when recovering a button tufted piece – you need to take into account the depth of your button hole and times that by the amount of button holes in a vertical row & do the same for your horizontal rows, you then add this measurement to the size of your fabric, whilst also taking into account how much you need to go around the edges & be harnessed at the back of your headboard.

This was my first button tufted ‘Chesterfield’ style headboard, so it was a learning curve but it turned out great & I was really pleased. The coloured buttons really make it stand out & gave it a contemporary designer touch – so different to how it started out!

IMG_0013         IMG_0346


This upcycled headboard was featured on Fill Your House for Free series 1 in 2013, to see me working on it check out my 2013 Showreel here;

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