Up-cycled retro chic pendant lights

/Up-cycled retro chic pendant lights
Up-cycled retro chic pendant lights

Project Description

These pendant lights had been in-situ since the day the property was built in the 1950’s – of course they didn’t look like this then!

The base was a dark wood colour & the shades were red with a tasselled edging featuring little pom poms.

Fun as pom poms are they were not going to fit with Curt & Nicola’s new look industrial retro chic interior, they had to go! I started by removing the lampshades from the structure & sanding & spray painting the base. As you can see I thought it added interest to paint the bases different colours, so one went a light shade of lime green and the other a lovely blue – these colours compliment each other & give these retro lamps a certain contemporary charm. (What idiot ever said ‘blue & green should never be seen?!)

Then, while they were drying I set about removing the awful pom poms & the layer of material from the shades – which thankfully had a cardboard base on which to build up my new covering. I used old newspapers to give the sad shades a new lease of life. I cut up pieces of the newspaper into triangles so they would taper to the shape of the shade and, leaving a lip to go around the edges stuck it on with spray glue. Once they were dry I made sure all edges were secure by pasting a little PVA in areas that needed it & once that was dry I used spray varnish to seal it and bring out that vintage browning effect.

The newspapers used were actually found under Curt & Nicola’s carpet, they were about 50 years old & from the place were they lived – which added a nice personal touch.

I’m really pleased with them, I would definitely have them in my own home – I love the shapes they make on the ceiling too.

IMG_0331             C&N pendant lamp 960x709

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