Upcycled pallet & crate chair on Fill Your House for Free

/Upcycled pallet & crate chair on Fill Your House for Free
Upcycled pallet & crate chair on Fill Your House for Free

Project Description

This chair was made from scrap items you could find abandoned across the country. It was made for Louise on ‘Fill Your House for Free’.

I used a packing crate, a heavy duty wooden pallet, a smaller wooden pallet, some OSB offcuts & unwanted material.

IMG_2722       IMG_2726      IMG_2725


When I went to see Louise she told me she desperately needed more storage & comfy seating, she loves natural wood & the idea of up cycling, although she wasn’t sure where to start. I came up with an idea to give her a multifunctional item – both storage & a comfy seat in one. This was my design sketch.


The idea was to make a ‘flat pack’ chair that slotted together using the recess between the slats in the pallets to slot the chair together making as simple yet beautiful as possible. I used the sides of the crate for the sides of the chair, a large pallet for the back which was cut at an angle at the bottom to give a more comfortable slant to the seat & I cut angles in the top of the pallet for cosmetic reasons – to make it look less chunky.

IMG_2739       IMG_2750       IMG_2762

In the first pic above you can see the chair coming together, i’ve clamped it together to get the dimensions correct & work out where I need to cut my OSB for the seat & book shelf base. I also found some scraps of wood to finish the arm rests. In the middle pic you can see how the chair literally slots together. What I love about the crate chair is it’s simplicity & the fact that these unwanted items are readily available all over the place – it really shows what can be done with ‘waste’.

In the last pic you can see the old unwanted mattress I cut for the cushioned pads to make this a really comfy little chair. Old mattresses also get chucked out all time, I think there is one along the road right now! Upholstery foam is expensive! If you can save your self some cash & save the environment in the process… why not?!

IMG_2769       IMG_2775       IMG_2770


To make the seat pads I used more OSB offcuts, I cut my mattress foam to size & used wadding too to get a smooth rounded edge to my cushions. I took a piece of OSB, layer my foam over it, then wadding, then the material & anchored it firmly to the back of the board with a staple gun making sure my corners were folded neatly matching each other. I literally only just had enough of the black cord material & it took the best part of a day to complete the upholstery. You can see in the last pic the chair really coming together.

IMG_2790       IMG_3118       IMG_3121


In the first picture above you can see I’ve just about finished my upholstery, just a bit of ‘tidying’ to do & add the arm rests. There’s a close up of the upholstery in the middle & then the finished article! I made a very strong coffee & used this to stain the inside of the panel with the symbols to contrast the panel against the colour of the rest of the materials. You can also go over the symbols with a permanent marker if they are not enough defined for your taste.

Another great thing about this chair (which we found very convenient at Louise’s) is it comes apart so you can easily fit it into a room, even if your doorways or hallway are pretty slim.

Please let me know what you think & send me your own projects with ‘trash’, I’d love to see what we’ve inspired 🙂



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