Wine bottle lamp for The National Trust campaign #beautifulanduseful

/Wine bottle lamp for The National Trust campaign #beautifulanduseful
Wine bottle lamp for The National Trust campaign #beautifulanduseful

Project Description

I was contacted by The National Trust to make them something #beautifulanduseful from an everyday item that was in most people’s trash. I actually went through my neighbours trash & recycling boxes & found something simple for the lamp design – a wine bottle. I also had some rustic old wooden joists from a skip which I cut down for the base. That was the simple bit, I then had to work out how to construct this piece so it looked beautiful, functioned safely as a lamp and was sturdy.


First of all I constructed the supports to hold the weight of the bottle on the base using jubilee clips. Then I had fun cutting the bottle down & making attachments that would hold the weight of the bulb inside the bottle without it sagging & touching the inside of the bottle.

IMG_2401              IMG_2402

I used an LED bulb so it wouldn’t heat up which meant you could put a ‘message in a bottle!’ I finished it by stamping one of my websites to the base…



I love the rustic charm of the old wood & it’s flaking paint, it contrasts beautifully with the shiny glass & metal. To read more about the competition & how the video was made see my blog post here;

Here’s the stop motion film we made;

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I design for The National Trust Campaign


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