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My style is strong, stylish and sassy, I’m a Brighton based badass designer and metalsmith who is more at home in jeans and steel toe caps than anything girly, pink… or fluffy! I love to get my hands dirty, I am a proficient MIG, TIG and Arc welder, upcycler and blacksmith. I’m never without a power tool of some kind and I am always learning and searching out new techniques and processes, I love a challenge!
If you like my style and would like to collaborate please see the notes below. I have worked with many brands, production companies and press on numerous occasions for a range of events, TV shows, interviews, campaigns, live events and product launches. See below some of the companies I have worked with and examples of how we can work together.

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I often feature in newspapers and magazines, if you would like to interview me for your magazine or newspaper publication please get in touch with your questions and image requirements. I am happy to fulfil interviews and editorials for free in most instances for press publications that share my work, website and Instagram handle –  although I do always ask in return for a copy of it to be sent in the post.

I am a professional writer for Reloved Magazine on a monthly basis where I share four pages of juicy upcycling gossip, my most recent designs, and interview other makers and re-designers. I was also the headline feature in Reclaim magazine’s glossy, first ever edition.

Production companies

I am always interested in creating awareness for reuse and sustainability and promoting my work on television, if you would like to consider me for your production please get in touch with details of the production including the channel, potential locations, dates and the fee. I have many years experience of being an on screen presenter, designer, fabricator and salvage expert. I often present taster tapes for production companies and have helped shows get commissioned. Previous roles include –  BBC1’s ‘Get The Builders in’ – Designer & fabricator, creating beautiful bespoke furniture from steel and reclaimed wood. Channel 4’s ‘Fill Your House for Free’ as The Salvage Sister – presenter, & expert in finding free materials and furniture and upcycling them to a high standard. UKTVHome – ‘The New Reclaimers’ Lead presenter, designer and upcycler in the first ever British upcycling home renovation television series.

Brand collaborations

I choose the brands I work with carefully, the collaboration must be a great fit with my brand and share the same sustainability ethics, and of course compliment my style. I am interested in all kinds of welding, woodworking and metal smithing tools and workwear. I love anything to do with upcycling, salvaging, reclaiming, DIY, sustainable design & materials, making and bargain hunting. If you believe your product or service fits within these categories, or a collaboration would be mutually beneficial please get in touch with details of the product or service, what you would like me to do and the fee you are proposing. I also work with charities & have lots of ideas to help them raise money for great causes and events.

Some examples include;

ESAB – I am part of Esab’s elite 2018 team of welders and fabricators, I share my tips and techniques through social media using ESAB’s range of high-tech quality welding and cutting equipment. You can view the rest on the team and read more about this ongoing collaboration here – http://www.esabna.com/us/en/elite/index.cfm#elitepartner6

B&Q – I created the whole alphabet in gorgeous solid wood using B&Q’s materials. B&Q ran an online competition for a month in which each day a letter would be given away to one of the people who had commented on the thread on their Facebook page. I created 10 extra letters which were sent out to bloggers and influencers along with a goodie bag and an invitation to attend a workshop with me in central London at a trendy venue. I taught these 10 influential wannabe wood crafters how to use power tools to make their own 3D wooden letters. Needless to say, they all left with a new found appreciation of the tools they had used, not to mention and goodie bags literally bursting with new paints and tools.

Brighton Wood Recycling Store – I am working with this exciting Brighton based charity in 2018 to inspire reuse and creativity by teaching people how to upcycle in weekly workshop classes, read more about this on the ‘Store’ tab.

Vintro Paint – I was asked to film 8 x 30 second videos for Vintro for the launch of their new paint colours. Each of these videos featured me opening one their new colours, painting with it and talking about the inspiration behind the colour. All video were filmed in my own studio and edited in house. When the videos were complete they were send to Vintro who uploaded one each day for a week to their social profiles, and soon after shared by myself.

The National Trust – I created two pieces for The National Trust and these were filmed with a production company on behalf of The National Trust. The videos showed inanimate objects coming to life and creating beautiful and useful objects. One video showed some old forks coming out of a draw and dancing up onto a piece of wood, making different hand gestures, then turning into key hooks. The other video showed a wine bottle rolling out of a rubbish bag and up on to a table where lamp fittings, a bulb and an upcycled base all rolled together to create a lamp. The National Trust shared these videos with the hashtag #beautifulanduseful and encouraged others to show off their own beautiful and useful projects.

FRN UK – The Furniture Reuse Network – I created an upcycled trophy from scrap metal, computer circuit boards and car parts for the FRN. Then I travelled to Daventry to attend their 3 day reuse summit. During my stay, I give a 30-minute speech about my creative journey in reuse, and judged the upcycling competition. I read out the winner I had chosen on stage on the last evening and gave the talented winner the trophy at the black-tie closing party. This was a great event where I met so many amazing people and really enjoyed my stay.

Acorn Reuse centre – The Acorn is a fantastic new reuse centre based on the island of Jersey. I am working with them to create awareness for this new charity and show it’s new patrons how to upcycle, while raising money for this exciting cause.  In July 2018 I travelled to Jersey to meet everyone, lead an upcycling workshop, and get creative with the items the Acorn collects for reuse. I made a selection of lamps on stage at Acorn’s fundraising event and talked about my journey through a career of reusing salvaged items and how I became the Salvage Sister.

These are just a few of the ways I can collaborate with your brand, I have many more great ideas and can help you with this process, please get in touch to see how we can work together.

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Social Network posts

I rarely post adverts on my social media, as I like my profiles to serve and not frustrate my audience. Although, on occasion I will share a product which is in keeping with my brand image. These posts are usually part of a larger campaign which may include videos or live workshops (please see brand collaboration above), however, I will consider one-off posts to my social networks on a post by post basis for a small fee. Please get in touch with the details of the products and the platforms you are interested in for pricing.

Please bear in mind as busy times I may not be able to take on all proposed roles, and/or I may renegotiate the fee with you.

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