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  • I designed this heavy duty pallet deconstruction tool, to break any pallet in minutes - no matter the width of the slats or how big and tough it is! It is strong, robust and guaranteed to break & pull apart pallets in minutes. I have used many methods in the past to deconstruct pallets, from using two small pry bars to a reciprocating saw. This is by far the most time efficient, economic and effective method to deconstruct pallets without splitting the wood or breaking your back! You can deconstruct a pallet in a minute, as opposed to half a day & it is far more economical in price than buying a reciprocating saw. (Plus, you don't power, or batteries!) My pallet buster is made of steel, the parts are precisely made and TIG welded together.   See the Product data tabs & images below for more info, and choose your selection for paint colour or no-paint. Please Note - Mild Steel must be painted or sealed to protect from moisture which causes rust on the surface & can attack & weaken welds. If you select 'no paint' you must paint the pallet puller with a metal paint with exterior metal paint to prevent rust ASAP.    Have you thought about joining one of my Pallet Furniture workshops? Sounds like it might be up your street
  • When bicycles & industrial style float ya boat, you can't get much better than my B-Spoke shelf brackets. They're made from real push bike salvage, after being meticulously cleaned, cut and reconfigured. Some said I was nuts when I wanted to turn push bikes into shelf brackets... it's upcycling like you've never seen before!


    The aim for this piece was to create something absolutely unique and beautiful from all the old bike parts I have collected. I really wanted to make a feature of the gears and spokes as they're really pretty & beautifully formed if you really look. Shelf brackets are something every home needs to get clutter up & our of the way, but there's no reason for them to be boring! These B-spoke brackets are the most fiddly and time consuming of all my brackets. Each one of those little gears and spokes has to be welded in position, only problem is the spokes like to vaporise if you don't watch it! Welds are hidden wherever possible & sandwiched between the two gear stacks. Price is per pair of brackets - scroll down for the images & product data tabs. Have you thought about gifting this handmade product?
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Style Shelf Brackets

    I love the aesthetic of salvaged vehicle parts like brake disks & sprockets, they are beautiful. It is such a waste for them to melted down for recycling, so I came up with a way of reusing them that shows off their beautiful shapes & curves in your home. They are an absolute must for industrial interior styling & heavy duty scaffold board shelving. (Wall plugs, screws and wood screws are included.)

    Now with a choice of material & salvage

    View the variations with the dropdown menu. Would you like something rustic with an aged patina? Choose mild steel! (It's also a lot cheaper than bright or mild steel.) Or are you looking for something sleek and shiny for the kitchen? Choose stainless steel! (It has great corrosion resistance & is fantastic in moisture prone areas - it won't rust.) Or maybe you want shiny for the lounge or bedroom? Why not choose bright steel - it has less corrosion resistance (should be fine unless you live in a swamp, or have damp problems) it's cheaper than stainless, but still looks the bomb!! (All my motorbike salvage shelf brackets are lacquered to seal them & protect from the elements, however mild & bright mild steel should only be used in dry interior applications unless it is powder coated or galvanised.)   You can also select which type of salvaged part you would like from the drop down menus. Some salvage parts are harder to come by than others, here I rate their value by their rarity - for this reason some styles are more expensive than others :)


    The aim for these Motorbike Salvage Shelf Brackets was 'totally badass industrial style' that would be at home in any man... or woman-cave! (In fact I have these in my bedroom, lounge and kitchen.) I am a biker-chick! I ride a 600cc Honda Hornet, I love tough industrial style and auto parts, I made these shelf brackets for myself and I think every hardcore biker should have a shelf held up with these awesome brackets, I mean... why should the fun end when you get home?! Price is per pair of brackets, you can add multiple variations when purchasing several pairs for a real industrial, steampunk feel.

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  • Stag head humane hunting trophy wall art remade from a Phillips vintage bicycle. Inspiration I created this humane hunting trophy Stag head wall art for Channel 4's 'Old House New Home' with George Clarke. I was asked originally to use the seat and handle bars of the reclaimed push-bike to make a bulls head trophy. However, I felt that there was still a great deal of bike left over that could be used to create something far more dramatic & unusual. Which is when I asked if I could make a stags head hunters trophy with an industrial twist! George Clarke's team were more than happy for me to run with the idea & make the piece how I would like to. I can recreate this or something similar for you, to your custom requirements. The bike used for this industrial upcycling project was a vintage Phillips bike, vintage bikes have the correct metal parts in the seat that form the face. However, I could create this with a newer reclaimed (potentially free) push bike & create the facial features etc with other metal parts. The purchase price listed is for labour and welding materials & equipment only - NOT the bike. Depending upon your requirements you can either purchase the bike and send it to me, or I can purchase the bike for you - after agreeing the budget. Or I can try to salvage a free one which would most likely not be vintage.   You will be invoiced for the cost of the bike and any delivery costs on top of the cost of this product listing price. This is because the price & weight of vintage items fluctuates. The bike used for this build was £100 including postage, vintage bikes tend to be around £75 just for the bike. Scroll down for the additional info tabs & images. If you are looking for something similar, a piece of 3D custom-made art  - designed & fabricated for you from salvage - contact me here to discuss your ideas.
  • Industrial style coffee table made from salvaged car wheel including the tire. The table base is fabricated from mild steel and salvaged car brake disk, with toughened glass top and exposed dome nut fixings. A must for car fans, petrol heads, man caves & industrial interiors!


    I wanted to make a really cool coffee table, and I wanted to use something which is often sent to landfill that is incredibly bad for the environment and takes a long time to degrade or is very toxic to burn. Car tires ticked both of those boxes. The raw salvaged tire and brake disk mount are very hard and industrial, by teaming them with the steel base & toughened glass table top they are transformed into an industrial chic designer homeware. Soon we are launching chairs to match these tables - made from salvaged car seats with metal framework - watch this space!


    You can either send me a wheel of yours, perhaps off an old car you loved? Or I can salvage one for you. I usually find my wheels for free, if you have specific requirements for your wheel and I need to buy it this cost will be added to the price of the table - you will be invoiced separately for this. Any vehicle wheel can be turned into a coffee table, from formula one, dirt truck, lorry, army truck, car, van, bus - ignite your imagination!


    You can choose to have your alloy refurbished and sprayed the colour of your choice , this means I will sand the metal part of the wheel, fill any holes & blemishes before priming, spray painting and lacquering your wheel. If you want a very polished & new looking rim you will need your wheel refurbished as salvaged wheels tend to have signs of wear and tear. If you do not choose to have your wheel refurbished it will be cleaned, but any scuffs, scratches etc will still be visible through the glass. You are also welcome to send a wheel that has already been refurbished.


    Choose to have your own logo added to the centre of the wheel, great for businesses and client waiting areas. Or choose the brand of car sticker to show in the centre, or we can keep the one the wheel came with Please click the options in the drop down menu, on ordering you can specify the colour you want - ie; dark blue, black, red, pink etc. If there is a specific RAL colour you need that I have to get specially mixed there may be an extra charge for this dependant on the cost of it.

    Base Colour

    Choose to leave the base natural and have it clear lacquered, or match the colour to your rim.   When you purchase this item I will source a wheel and recreate this piece, unless you would like to supply the wheel - or have a specific one in mind. The purchase price listed is for labour and welding materials & equipment only - NOT the wheel, unless it is FREE. (I currently have two free SAAB wheels here ready to go!) Have you seen my Moto-brackets? They're made from real motorbike salvage
  • Steel magnetic picture frame - standalone photo frame What is it A very simple industrial style photo frame, simply print off your family photos onto glossy paper and secure them to your lacquered steel frame with the magnets provided - a super quick and stylish way to display your favourite photos. Work best with square photos. Inspiration The aim for this piece is ‘sleek, simplistic industrial design'. Photo frames are something we all have, yet far too often instead of letting the image stand out they appear cluttered and heavy, dominating the view. This frame is made from a sheet of steel, formed to the perfect viewing angle before the finish is applied and lacquered for longevity.
  • Coat & hat hook  - A single handmade bright steel coat with salvaged golf ball hat holder! It's quirky, colourful & sustainable, made from a simple, continuous piece of 6mm steel rod formed into a hook & mounted on flat bright steel plate. Add the golf ball or mini pool ball of your choice. Comes with industrial style screws, wall plugs & ball colour of your choosing. Inspiration  Who doesn't need a hook in their life? I could do with loads of them, which is exactly what started me on this hook extravaganza! Nothing is worse than everyone dumping their winter coats, bags and hats over every available surface! That said, just because this is a functional item that doesn't mean it has to be boring, anything but! I spent some time experimenting with steel round bar and creating lots of hook shapes, I really like the continuous line of this hook & it's optimistic dart to the sky. You can hang coats by their integrated hanging loop on the lower bend & the golf ball is a fantastic place for your hat or hooded attire. The texture of the golf balls looks great against the shiny steel & adds a splash of colour. I'm really pleased these lost balls a new lease of life and diverting them from landfill. Inspired by Eames.  

    Gift cards also available which can be bought and emailed at any time including holidays - last minute presents have never been so thoughtful!

  • These super stylish Handmade Wall Hung Coat Hooks are a must for any designer hallway

      Inspiration I have always loved the 1960's coat rack by Eames, there have been so many mass produced copies and variants of the iconic coat rack, although they are rarely a patch on the original. I wanted to create a simple hook from a continuous piece of round bar steel and coloured golf balls on the end of the bars for hats. As I played more with my technique and tried out a few test pieces I realised just a hook wasn't enough, I wanted to create different shapes with the steel and started thinking about the line of a heart monitor as it bounces up and down. The centre hooks stands tall with a shape all of its own, the rest are symmetrical. I love the warmth, colour and texture the balls bring in contrast to the hard brushed steel. Technical specification Heavy duty coat rack designed to hold a family of coats and hats without strain. They come with industrial style stainless steel dome head screws and raw plugs  - just mark out your holes, drill and for them - no hassle. Base material - Bright steel Salvaged material - used golf balls Finish - brushed steel Lacquered to prevent staining & rust. Dimentions Height in it's entirety -300mm Length of bar 600mm thickness of flat bar- 3mm Height of flat bar  - 50mm Stands out from wall - 190mm Balls are a snug fit although are removable - you can swop them around or change the colours Weight - Approx 1.7kg ETA - Usually 10 days - Shipping is calculated at checkout - mainland UK £4.99 - shipping per item is reduced the more items you buy. All of my items are made in batches as they are ordered, if I have just made a batch you may receive your item a few days after ordering. If I am sourcing more steel or golf balls your order may take slightly longer, please allow 10-14 days. Last Christmas orders for small items is 15th December 2018 - Gift cards also available which can be bought and emailed at any time including holidays - last minute gifts have never been so thoughtful!  

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