Stag head humane hunting trophy wall art remade from a Phillips vintage bicycle. Inspiration I created this humane hunting trophy Stag head wall art for Channel 4's 'Old House New Home' with George Clarke. I was asked originally to use the seat and handle bars of the reclaimed push-bike to make a bulls head trophy. However, I felt that there was still a great deal of bike left over that could be used to create something far more dramatic & unusual. Which is when I asked if I could make a stags head hunters trophy with an industrial twist! George Clarke's team were more than happy for me to run with the idea & make the piece how I would like to. I can recreate this or something similar for you, to your custom requirements. The bike used for this industrial upcycling project was a vintage Phillips bike, vintage bikes have the correct metal parts in the seat that form the face. However, I could create this with a newer reclaimed (potentially free) push bike & create the facial features etc with other metal parts. The purchase price listed is for labour and welding materials & equipment only - NOT the bike. Depending upon your requirements you can either purchase the bike and send it to me, or I can purchase the bike for you - after agreeing the budget. Or I can try to salvage a free one which would most likely not be vintage.   You will be invoiced for the cost of the bike and any delivery costs on top of the cost of this product listing price. This is because the price & weight of vintage items fluctuates. The bike used for this build was £100 including postage, vintage bikes tend to be around £75 just for the bike. Scroll down for the additional info tabs & images. If you are looking for something similar, a piece of 3D custom-made art  - designed & fabricated for you from salvage - contact me here to discuss your ideas.