/Bottle cutter kit inc diamond drillbit – Everything you need to do it yourself

Bottle cutter kit inc diamond drillbit - Everything you need to do it yourself

The Salvage Sister Bottle cutting kit has everything you need to cut glass bottles safely and efficiently every single time.

If you’ve ever tried cutting glass bottles you’ll know that it isn’t easy without the proper equipment. Let me take the stress out of cutting glass bottles with this handy little kit that is super easy to use and can accommodate a massive range of bottle shapes and sizes – you can even choose where on the bottle you would like to cut it.

The kit comes in it’s own tidy little cardboard box with full downloadable instructions on how to use it, make sure you watch my video to see how easy it really is.

Click here for the VIDEO LINK  

Once you have scored a line around your bottle where you would like to cut it, simply use boiling water and very cold water to fracture along your score line.

Now you can make a lamp & have a glass to drink out of from that old ‘useless’ glass bottle!

What’s in the kit?
– The glass cutter metal base
– fence (the moveable arm that supports your bottle while you score it)
– three moveable wheels that attach to the base & support the bottle to aid neat turning
– glass scorer that is attached to the base.
– a separate glass drill bit for drilling holes in glass bottles.
– 4 rubber rings that support the glass either side of the cut and act as a ravine for the water
– A pair of gloves to protect your hands while cutting glass
– A bottle cleaner
– Rough sandpaper for grinding sharp edges after cutting.
– Instructions download – and don’t forget to watch our video
– Comes in its own handy little box & makes a great gift

Our kit is useable on a wide range of bottles wherever you want to cut them as all the parts which attach to the base can be moved to many configurations for a variety of cuts. Have hours of fun making drinking glasses from old bottles, candle holders, lamps – and many more fantastic upcycling projects – the fun starts here!

Safety glasses should be worn at all times when using this kit to cut or drill glass. The kit is designed to be used by a competent adult. Persons under 18 should be supervised by a competent adult at all times when using the bottle cutting kit. Do not leave within reach of children, small parts can be a choking hazard.

Shipping will be added at checkout, for mainland UK the cost is £2.99, if you do not see your location listed or have any queries regarding shipping or details of the kit you can contact me here.


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