/DIY Bottle lamp kit – make a bottle lamp yourself with a plug and switch

DIY Bottle lamp kit - make a bottle lamp yourself with a plug and switch

As the name would suggest, this is a super easy way to make a beautiful lamp in the bottle of your choice without having to worry whether you’ve bought parts that work together or safety, because I have done the leg work for you & put all the components in handy little box with full instructions.

There a couple of ways to use this kit, you’ll find everything you need whether you want to harness the lampholder facing out of or into the neck.

DIY lamp kit comes with all the lamp making components needed including;

  • LED vintage style light bulb (This is a non-dimmer bulb)
  • Quality metal lamp holder – in your choice of finish
  • 2 meters of fabric three core flex in your choice of colour
  • inline/torpedo switch
  • Fittings required to fix lamp inside a bottle – including 120mm long hollow threaded rod, grommet, washers & nuts
  • Step by step instructions download – use on any electronic device & scroll as you create.

What makes this different from any other lamp kits on the market?

You will not find another brand of kits that has such detailed step, by step instructions, or parts that are made to such a high standard. These kits have been created for you by someone who has upcycled hundreds of different lamps, who has run lamp making workshops for years, and taught hundreds of people to make lamps from a variety of different objects. That someone is me! So, who better to guide you on this lamp making extravaganza?

All my lamp parts parts that have been tried, tested and specially sourced for you – so you can concentrate on making beautiful lamps, safe in the knowledge that the Salvage Sister has done all the leg work to find you British Safety standard parts that all work perfectly together. If you’ve ever tried making a lamp before you will know how incredibly frustrating it is to find that half your parts don’t work with the other parts, or you have muddled up 2 and 3 core wires, or the threads don’t match!

So here it is – the answer you’ve been waiting for at a really decent price.

Why not gift this kit? Last minute presents have never been so creative!

You can use this kit to create a lamp and harness your lamp fittings in the bottle of your choice, whether you would like your bottle standing up-right on it’s base or on it’s side housed in a stand you will create for it.

You could use my Bottle Cutter kit to cut the bottle width ways into two halves and wire up one half of the bottle with the lamp components, and you could upcycle a stand for it to sit on later. Have a look through the images for ideas.

Included in the kit are all the components needed to create a lamp, plus the fittings to house them inside any bottle safely – without damaging the electrical components.

I have given you plenty of scope for using a wide range of different shape & size bottles, dependant on what size/type of bottle you are using, you may need to cut down your hollow threaded tube. We advise doing this for the best aesthetic finish. (Cutting the thread bar down is super quick & easy with a metal hacksaw, you can always reuse the leftovers for another lamp).

Check out the images to see some of the lamps made with this kit and samples from the instructions.

Full instructions are provided with detailed imagery of the step by step process to guide you seamlessly through this exciting build – download the instructions on purchase, the lamp kit will be with you in a few days.

If you are looking for pendant bottle light kits that wire into the mains on your ceiling or wall please click here, this kit comes with a plug & inline switch for making plug-in desk lamps – if you are unsure please check the images & contact me if you need assistance.

Need to cut your bottle? Check out my bottle cutter kit get 10% off when you buy any of my bottle lamp kits with my bottle cutter kit – use code ‘BottleFun10’ at check out with both items in the basket to redeem.

I offer a range of lamp making kits including my ‘jam jar lamp kit‘ and my ‘Turn anything into a lamp’ kit, we only use my DIY kits at my lamp making workshops, I have helped hundreds of people create awe inspiring lamps – just add your own unique item to make a fabulous one of a kind lamp.

Read my full Terms and Conditions by clicking here 


After being asked repeatedly over the years how to make various upcycled lamps safely I decided I had to source all the parts you need to make awesome lamps and create a instruction manuals because there were too many people to help and only one of me!

Technical specification

All parts are made to British Standard and are made with 3 cores- Live, Neutral and Earth for UK mains electricity – meaning they are earthed. Earthing a lamp is crucial when using metal lamp holders.

When you purchase your lamp kits you will also receive a downloadable step by step guide with everything you need to know to make amazing lamps yourself at home. The downloads are designed to save paper and should be used on any tablet, making it easy to scroll through the directions at your own pace as you build your lamp. Kits are designed to be used by adults, anyone under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult.

Tools are not included – you will need a set of small screwdrivers, Stanley blade, wire strippers & electrical tape. All of these items can be sourced economically from your local DIY store & used over & over again.


Download is available immediately upon full payment, lamp kit will usually arrive in 2-5 days depending upon post service, outside mainland UK & at busy times of the year please allow a week.

Postage of this item to mainland UK is £2.99 

Shipping is calculated at checkout – discounts automatically calculated for multiple purchases. I ship to The USA, Australia, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland and British Highlands and Islands – if your location is not listed please contact me and I will add it for you.

Why not gift this kit? Last minute presents have never been so creative!



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Add fabric flex here by the meter, you will receive all your fabric flex in one continuous length. My lamp kits come with 2 meters of fabric flex included. My pendant kits come with 1 meter of fabric flex included – if you need more add it here.

Add a flex grip to your order – please select the colour and quantity you require. Flex grips are designed to hold lighting flex so there is no pressure put on the internal wiring components of your lampholder or ceiling rose when creating lighting which will hang rather than sit. If you ordered a pendant light kit or jam jar lamp kit you will have a flex grip included, if you ordered my ‘Turn Anything into a Lamp’ kit or ‘Bottle Lamp kit’ that come with a plug and switch and you want to hang your lamp in someway you should add a flex grip here. Flex grips are supplied with a 10mm long M10 hollow threaded rod to attach it to your lampholder.

This hollow threaded rod is made to attach to the m10 thread on our lamp holders. Because it’s hollow it means you can pass your lighting flex through it to secure to your lampholder. Sold in 120mm (12cm) lengths, if you add more than one I will supply in one continuous length – ie: order a quantity of 5 you will receive 600mm (60cm) in one length. My lamp kits usually come with a piece of hollow threaded rod, length is dependant on the kit, please check this in the listing & order more here if you require it.

Lampholder rings – to secure lampshades or similar to our lampholders. Choose the colour you require below.

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