/Easy follow DIY pallet Planter instructions – Download

Easy follow DIY pallet Planter instructions - Download

Make your own super duper pallet planter with this easy to follow instruction download.

The Salvage Sister first designed this simple, yet effective trough from free pallets for a live stage make at The Handmade Fair in London – where she showed Kirstie Allsopp how to make it in front of hundreds of people.

Since then she has made many for private clients, and showed countless people how to make them in her workshop classes at Brighton Wood Store.

Due to popular demand she has created a downloadable instruction guide for you to create an amazing pallet trough yourself with her guidance no matter where you are in the world!

The download includes;

  • A list of everything you need to gather before you get started including the best anti corrosive fixings
  • What kind of pallets you need to look for
  • A step by step easy to follow build guide with accompanying images
  • What to use to use to decorate your trough
  • Health and safety best practices

Please see the images for a product preview and stages of the build.

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Please note your download link expires at 30 days, although you can keep your downloaded content forever to use again and again.

This content is owned and copywriten by Salvage Sister™, it cannot be shared publicly online or otherwise, and should not be used for business purposes or resale in any way. Legal Action will be taken if the information is used in an incorrect manner.


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