/Quality fabric lighting flex cable in black or black and white 7.5mm 3 core

Quality fabric lighting flex cable in black or black and white 7.5mm 3 core

Quality three core fabric covered lighting flex in classy plain black, navy, olive or retro black and white.

Choose your colour from the drop down menu.

Sold by the meter, in un-cut lengths, for instance if you order a quantity of 5 you will receive 5meters in one continuous piece.

Most table lamps work well with 2 meters of flex and a switch half way.

Have you seen our DIY lamp kitslamp holders, plugs and switches?

Choosing your colour – plain black is easiest to work with for the absolute beginner as it hides imperfections and grubby marks well, it also goes with any colour decor. When you wire your first lamp it may take quite a while, and coloured fabric flex can become grubby looking if not cared for correctly. Black has a classy, never-out-of-fashion style, whereas black and white fabric lighting flex works beautifully with aged brass and aged copper lamp holders for retro designer lamps. Olive and navy are luxurious flex colours and work well with all our lamp holders.


Length – choose your length in meters from the drop down selection.

diameter of entire cable – 7.5mm

Wiring – 3 core for Earth, Live and Neutral. (It is safer to earth your lamp with 3 cores than using cheaper 2 core flex)

We also offer step by step tutorial downloads, they come free with our DIY Kits or you can purchase the lamp tutorials alone

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Your item will be posted within 24 of ordering. We only post on business days – Mon to Friday. You should receive your item within 2-5 business days of ordering. Shipping for this item or multiple small items is £2.99 for mainland UK. Shipping calculated at checkout.


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Add fabric flex here by the meter, you will receive all your fabric flex in one continuous length. My lamp kits come with 2 meters of fabric flex included. My pendant kits come with 1 meter of fabric flex included – if you need more add it here.

Add a flex grip to your order – please select the colour and quantity you require. Flex grips are designed to hold lighting flex so there is no pressure put on the internal wiring components of your lampholder or ceiling rose when creating lighting which will hang rather than sit. If you ordered a pendant light kit or jam jar lamp kit you will have a flex grip included, if you ordered my ‘Turn Anything into a Lamp’ kit or ‘Bottle Lamp kit’ that come with a plug and switch and you want to hang your lamp in someway you should add a flex grip here. Flex grips are supplied with a 10mm long M10 hollow threaded rod to attach it to your lampholder.

This hollow threaded rod is made to attach to the m10 thread on our lamp holders. Because it’s hollow it means you can pass your lighting flex through it to secure to your lampholder. Sold in 120mm (12cm) lengths, if you add more than one I will supply in one continuous length – ie: order a quantity of 5 you will receive 600mm (60cm) in one length. My lamp kits usually come with a piece of hollow threaded rod, length is dependant on the kit, please check this in the listing & order more here if you require it.

Lampholder rings – to secure lampshades or similar to our lampholders. Choose the colour you require below.

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