Terms & Conditions

When you book a Salvage Sister Workshop you agree to bound by these terms, please read them fully.

Workshops are only available as pre-booked events, the time, date and location of each workshop is listed in the Store within each Workshop’s page.

Please do not turn up for workshops on days not specified, or ones you have not booked – to avoid disappointment and confusion.

You can book available spaces online right up until one hour before the Workshop is due to start. However, the booking and payment must be made online.


You will find details about the location of the venue your workshop is held at in the ‘Location’ tab on the workshop listing, you can also head to the ‘Workshops Venues’ tab in the main navigation.

We have several new venues that will be launching over the coming months, some workshops will only be at specific venues, others might be on at several different venues.

Workshops are no longer held at The WoodStore in Elder Place.

It is very important you check the venue of your workshop and make sure you can get there on the time and date specified.

All no-shows will lose their booking in it’s entirety, unless they have contacted me prior to the event and/or adhere to the timescales for moving their own booking as set out in the heading ‘Cancelling, Rescheduling and Refunds’ further down this page.

It is your responsibility to check your emails in the lead up to the event – I accept no responsibility for students not reading emails with important information regarding their class.

All no shows will loose their booking entirely & have to repay & rebook to attend another class or date. Anyone who turns up for a workshop which has been rescheduled – on the incorrect date will not be refunded, or redeemed in anyway. I always email you to let you know any changes – make sure you know when & where you need to be please.


  • Steel toes caps or strong boots that cover your ankles and will protect your feet.
  • Long hair tied back
  • No rings
  • No hanging jewellery
  • No baggy/floaty clothes that could get stuck in the power tools

All safety-wear is provided, however you are welcome to bring your own safety glasses, dust mask, apron etc.

Age Limits

There are no minimum or maximum age limits, however children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and kept under control, they must also have a valid place booked for them.

We advise most classes are suitable for ages of 13+, however – children attending MUST be able to listen and take direction, your children remain your responsibility during the class.

Carers and parents are welcome to ‘shadow’ their minor’s class/es, please advise in the order notes when booking the class of your intensions, and the age of your child.

Cancellations, Re-scheduling & Refunds

Full day Workshops with less than six attendees will be rescheduled for another date, or you will be given a credit note for the amount you originally paid to spend on any workshop in store. (The new booking must be made within 12 months or you will lose it.)

Regrettably it is not economically viable to run workshops with less than 6 attendees. I have massive outgoings for venue hire, staff, vehicles & machinery – I cannot run classes with just a few students. You will be notified at least 3 days before the class is due to start via the contact details on your order/appointment booking if your class will be rescheduled.

Please make sure your details are correct – if you add the wrong email, or have a typo in your contact details –  I cannot contact you, and I accept no responsibility for this.

Do not contact for me details of the class you are booked on – these emails go out a few dates before the class, AND all the information needed is listed in the product data tabs – please familiarise yourself with this. I will not reply to questions which are listed in the product details, there are simply not enough hours in the day.

I advise leaving travel bookings until 3 days before the class is due to start, if they’re un-refundable, or you will not be able to change them. I will not refund travel costs, or accept responsibility in any way.

I never offer refunds for any reason.

Please only move your booking if it is absolutely unavoidable, following the guidance below.


When you cancel and rebook yourself it is free – BUT you can only do this at least 1 week/7days  hours prior to the class. (You cannot change the booking within 7 days of the start time as it is impossible to fill spaces in short timescales, meaning I cannot redeem the cost of the ticket, yet I still have the same outgoings.)

However – YOU CAN TRANSFER your ticket within 7 days of the start of the class to another person.

YOU MUST NOTIFY ME within 48 hours of the class start via email and ‘CC’ the new attendee in to transfer the ticket.

If you prefer me to cancel and rebook your class it must be at least 7 days before the class start, and a £30 admin fee is payable to move and reschedule it.

If no listed dates are convenient, you will receive a store credit for the amount you spent on your initial booking which you will be able to redeem against any other workshop class available in store – credit notes are valid for 12 months only. (They cannot be extended past 12 months.)

It is important that you let me know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your class.

Please only cancel and reschedule if you are ill, injured or have a serious reason for not attending.

If many people cancel/rebook at the same time it could mean the class does not run for anyone.

Classes with less than 6 students booked on will be rescheduled – this will be decided at least 72 hours before the class is due to start.


I reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.

I reserve the right to edit & change workshops as I see fit.

I reserve the right to change my prices in line with inflation &/or rising cost of running workshops as & when I see fit.

If you have an ongoing credit note – use it at your earliest convenience to avoid changes in price affecting your class.

All covid related store credits must be used by 1st September 2021 – we have been running workshops all year, there has been plenty of time to use them.

You must be signed up to my mailing list to receive notifications about workshop classes & dates – I never contact people individually to make them aware, & I take no responsibility for you not seeing launch dates because you are not signed up.


To cancel and reschedule head to your >account, >appointments and cancel it. if there is another date listed you can move it.

If there isn’t you can rebook when there is an appropriate workshop. If the workshop you wanted isn’t running, you must book a different workshop before your store credit runs out. (12 months)

Due to attendees preferring to book months in advance it is often very hard, if not impossible to resell tickets the closer the booking change is to the event day, which means I used to lose valuable time moving bookings and lose the income from the ticket if I replace it for free, therefore I have now introduced self-cancellation and rebooking.

Please try to move the booking yourself before emailing me – there is a £30 admin charge for me to move it.

You may transfer the place you have booked to another person within a week of the class start, it must be the same class & the same time you originally booked. Within 48 hours of the class start we cannot move bookings or offer store credits as we cannot resell the ticket this close to the start.

If for some reason out of my control, such as illness, injury, or problems with the location etc, I am unable to fulfil your class on the date and time specified I will offer you three choices to amend your booking to another time, these are as follows –

A/ Offer you another date for the same workshop you originally booked.

B/ Offer you a place on any other workshop with availability (within 12 months,) of equal value.

C/ Offer you a credit note for the value of your original ticket which you may redeem on any Salvage Sister workshop wit