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How much do you think you would have to spend to own a contemporary furniture set like the one above costs? And now… (knowing how thrifty I am)… how much do you think it cost me?!

This little project cost me exactly £13.. for the furniture and materials…and here’s how I did it:

The chair and the chest of draws were free, I grabbed them as they were on the way to the dump, and the gorgeous little stool was £3 from a boot sale! I spent £10 on fabric and used paint I had left over from previous projects.

Although fantastic now… they didn’t always look like this…

pub stool

As you can see all three items where looking rather tired and in need of lots of TLC!

I wanted the furniture to match but still each have a character of their own, I went through my paint cupboard and decided I had enough leftover paint for the project so there was an instant saving!

I wanted a bold striped fabric for the seats, I have never been one for girly ditsy prints. I love a pattern that is bold and striking not fussy… I am obsessed with stripes and when I tracked down this gorgeous good quality ticking with these unusually bold lines I fell in love! Thank You Ebay!

All three pieces needed to be sanded prior to painting. I used own brand water based acrylic wood paints from B&Q, although most DIY stores run their own lines of paints now in some really cool colours.

I matched in the three pieces by using the yellow of the stool and red of the chair on one of the draws and obviously the fabric matched the chair and the stool together.

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