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Trunks, Chests & Crates

Whatever you want to call them I love them and I am completely obsessed! You can find some really beautiful and unusual designs, they come in all different shapes and sizes and they have a range of uses. For me with two small children storage is key, and with these gorgeous reclaimed and second hand trunks I can store without creating an eyesore. You can also use trunks and chests as seating or an unusual coffee table. you will be be able to find one to suit any room as there is such a massive variant in their designs and the materials they are made from.

Lets start in the hall, this fantastic chest is just inside my front door and hides a mountain of different foot ware, brollies, kids PE kits etc. I bought it at Rottingdean Cricket club bootsale for £35 about a year ago. It was already painted and has become slightly distressed through wear and children climbing over it! I love it, it goes perfectly with the colours and design of my hall. As soon as I laid eyes on it I had to have it. The seller was asking £45 so I used a bit of charm to knock him down, he even helped me carry it back to my car, now that’s service!

Now into the lounge, this fabulous old wicker chest was originally a laundry chest from a hotel back at the start of the century, it still has the leather straps and the bindings round the lid look like dog chews! You can see it has worn red writing on it which would have described it’s department at the hotel, although these are hard to work out now. In my home it houses toys! I can’t bare seeing kids toys laying about making the place look untidy once the kids are in bed, and at 80cm in length you can imagine I can fit quite a lot in it. I love the character of this trunk and it’s rustic feel, you know it has a history and that is what reclaiming and reusing is all about. I bought this chest at Emmaus for £15! Emmaus is a charity, run by homeless people and brings the community affordable home furnishings from bedding and curtains to crockery and furniture, you will find it all here and they have some real jems. Check out their website for details on how to get there: . I went to their showroom in Drove Road, Portslade, for items for one of my shows on The New Reclaimers and found an amazing piece at a bargain basement price which stole the show!

And onto the bedroom… These gorgeous whisky crates are getting really rare and hard to find now, again they are fantastic for storing items you want to keep out of sight. These have a second purpose in my bedroom and also serve as a bedside table. They fit in with the design of the room perfectly and look great against my wooden floor boards. I bought these at a boot sale in Surrey about 5 years ago, £15 for the pair.

In our house we call this the Pirates Treasure chest, and you can see why. I love love love this, I couldn’t believe my luck when I found it, again at a boot sale. I had already started painting the kids bedroom in a jungle theme and this chest looks like it could have washed up on a tropical island beach a hundred years ago. I paid £40 for it because it is so full of character and so unusual. In the bedroom it houses bedding and toys. It is immensely strong and heavy, and it need to be with kids climbing all over it!

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