Where to shop for second hand for your home

/Where to shop for second hand for your home

Where to shop for second hand for your home

The short answer to this question is everywhere! When I’m looking for new home furnishings and furniture my first port of call is usually Ebay if I’m honest, that’s probably because when I decide I want to purchase a chest of draws at 10pm in the bath I know I can log on and search hundreds in my area, by size, by price, by colour and condition. The Internet makes life easy and you can log on any time! Gumtree is also a good one, and check your local Free Ads online.

Having said that I always have a good shop around before I buy, I like to make sure I’m getting the deal and the best quality item, one that will last, that I love.

If you are buying on a budget shopping around is a necessity, you have to bring it in on budget or you can’t have it. I think this is where good quality second hand items are a massive help. So many people think they are saving money by buying new flat packed items, but are you really saving cash when the item ends up at the local dump a year or two later when it falls apart?!
Aren’t you much better off having a good look for a second hand or reclaimed item that is well made, has character and has a lifetime of wear left in it?

You also have to think about the environmental effect we as a species are having on the planet with our ‘throw away’ society. Furniture used to be made by skilled craftsmen and it was made to last, and these are the bits I love to find and give a new home.

Other places to find a real bargain are re-use centres and charity shops, flea markets and bootsales. Get on line and search second hand, reuse, and charity shops in your area then go and get round them you will be really surprised what you can get for your money.

In Brighton & Hove we have some excellent places, Martlets Hospice on Old Shoreham Road, Emmaus in Portslade, Magpie on Lewes Road to name just a few.

And there’s always Freecycle where you might be lucky enough to snap up your item for free, but you’ll have to be quick!

We really need to change our attitude and stigma towards buying and using second hand items, our planet cannot support our wasteful behaviour and our pockets have taken a beating since the financial crash, so it makes sense to start reusing.

Check out my post on up-cycling to find out how to bring an old piece of furniture back to life and make it fit with your décor.

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