FAQ’s – Workshop Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to all the most common questions asked. Please head straight to the subject matter heading you are looking for your question.


Q – How do I book a workshop?

Head to the ‘WORKSHOP” Tab & find a workshop you want to attend, find the calendar and select the date listed for the workshop. Add your quantity to the basket and checkout.

Please make sure you read all the details fully – Everything has changed. Find my T&C’s here.

Q – What measures are you taking to ensure our safety throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

A – I am taking every precaution to keep you safe. See my COVID policy for the details.

Q – Why don’t all workshops have available dates?

A – We are slowly regrouping at several new venues since COVID-19 lockdown. We haven’t been able to run workshops from April – September 2020 because of this.

We are returning with Pallet Furniture & Freestyle Workshops first at MidSussex Wood Recycling on Saturdays & aiming to offer classes based on supply & demand – meaning I see what you are asking for & fill it.

I will no longer be adding workshops Friday & Saturday every weekend. They will be spread across multiple venues & I hope to add some different days & evenings over the coming months.

Some of our new venues are schools & universities, these organisations have their full-time students returning during September.

Therefor we are allowing these venues time to reacquaint themselves before we restart all workshops.

All workshop will return, there will even be some new ones. You must be signed up to my mailing list to get notifications.

Q – Are all Workshops on at all venues?

A – No, some workshops are better suited to specific venues, make sure you know which venue you are booking.

Q – I have a gift card or store credit that ran out during April – September 2020 which I didn’t get to use because of lockdown.

A – No problemo! Please forward the email which contains your gift card details & store receipt & I will extend this for you for another 6 months.

If you have store credit – please send the original order & email thread which contains the details of your store credit for extension.

Please start the email heading in capitals – LOCKDOWN EXTENSION PLEASE.

Q – What happens if there is another lockdown before my class & workshops are paused again?

A – Any outstanding workshop tickets, gift cards, store credits etc will be extended so you can use them when lockdown/quarantine is over. I never want anyone to miss out, or worry that they will lose their ticket.

(As long as the directions in my T&C’s are followed you will not lose your ticket. Please keep the original receipt or email to prove the transaction.)

Q – What happens if I can’t make it on the day?

A – You can now cancel & reschedule your own class This is free of charge if you log in and reschedule it yourself at least 48 hours before the scheduled start date of your workshop.

If you need to cancel within 48 hours of the class start you can send someone in your place by transferring your ticket to them.

You can pass it to a friend, or someone who can make use of it – however, they cannot change the date, they must attend the class you cannot & you must let me know via email with the new attendee cc’d in at least 24 hours before the class starts.

Due to current pandemic I have changed my T&C’s to make it easier for you to move classes you cannot attend due to illness.
Please do not attend if you feel ill.

Please note – cancelling your workshop booking does NOT issue a refund. Please use this device to reschedule to a more convenient time. If there are non available please cancel the class & wait until there are.

I do NOT offer refunds, only rescheduling. Only book if you are serious about attending on that date please. When too many people cancel it can stop classes running for others.

See Full details of my Cancel, Refund & Rescheduling policy in my T&C’s – it is important you read this as when you book my workshops you agreed to be bound by these terms.

Q – Are workshops ever cancelled?

A – I try not to cancel workshops unless it absolutely necessary. However, sometimes if many drop out, or there is an unforeseen issue I may need to reschedule workshops. If this looks likely I will email you at least 36 hours prior to the proposed workshop to make you aware that it is cancelled, with details on how to rebook.

No refunds will be offered for classes that need to be rebooked. You will be supplied with a credit note or details of the upcoming class/es I can add you to.

Q – Can I buy a gift card for someone to use for your workshops?

A – Yes indeedy! You certainly can, in fact you can use this on any Salvage Sister product, workshop or service. Find my Gift Cards here.
You can customise the amount, message, image and more.

Q – Is my ticket transferable?

A – You can transfer your ticket to someone else, although they will need to bring proof of this on a mobile device, and you must notify me with their full name and email address at least 24 hours prior to the workshop you are due to attend in an email with the cc’d in. You cannot transfer someone else to another date – transfers are only if they can attend the same date & time you originally booked.

Q – What should I wear?

A – Please bring suitable clothing that you don’t mind getting dusty/messy. Your clothing should be comfortable to work in, with no loose or baggy parts that could get stuck in the power tools. Rings and hanging necklaces or earrings must be removed & long hair must be tied back.

Steel toes caps or strong boots are advised that cover the ankles, no open toed footwear is permitted in the workshop. There are WC facilities where you are welcome to change. You are welcome to bring your own PPE, tools etc.

Q – I want to bring a minor with me is that OK?

A – Minors can join in the Workshop, although they need a ticket and must be sensible during the workshop and be able to follow safety instructions. The minor is your responsibility in the workshop. If you do not wish to take part, but your child does – this is fine if you are nearby. We often have carers & parental figures ‘shadow’ for the day for emotional support & just to make sure things go OK. this is totally fine, just let me know in the order notes please.

Q – Are there WC facilities on site?

A – Yes, you’re in luck there are toilets provided on site – some rural venues may have compost toilets. Hand-washing & sterilising facilities will be available.

You can check all facilities offered at the particular venue your workshop is held at with the venue tab.

Q – Where is the nearest carpark?

A – Any location/venue info is available on that venue’s information tabs. To find this information scroll down past the workshop description on the left hand side & you will find the data tabs above the images on each workshop’s page.

Q – I want to come by train, how far is Brighton train station from the workshop location?

Some of our venues are rural, some are in town centres and have easy access to transport links. You can check this in the info tab’s on the workshop listing.

Q – Where is the nearest Bus Route?

A – Please see the answer above.

Q – Can I store my finished work at the WoodStore and come back for it later?

A – No thank you! We advise taking your completed work with you, as we do not have a storage facility. And, more to the point – I won’t be about to look after your prized possession – as the premises is not mine.

So I cannot guarantee it won’t get sold or something if it is left unattended.(You laugh, it’s happened!!)

You could also go to the Post Office and send the item to yourself at home if you don’t want to carry it around all day.

Q – What if I injure myself during the class?

A – We have never had any injuries other than splinters during the classes. You will be taught how to safely use the equipment so we take every precaution to ensure your safety. Workshop accidents should be very few and far between when students are given the correct PPE (safety wear) and are taught safe handling & operation of powertools. We always have a sterile first aid kit on site should there be any problems at all, and did you know… I used to be in the RedCross!

Q – Can I get a refund because I cannot attend?

A – No, I NEVER offer refunds. You can reschedule – please see the heading ‘What happens if I can’t make it on the day?’

Q – Will I be able to get food and refreshments nearby?

A – Maybe, depends what venue you’re heading to – check this in your venue facilities please. Please bring your own refreshments when visiting MidSussex wood recycling in Haywards Heath.

Q – Can I take photos during the event?

A – You can take as many photos and videos as you like – As long as this does not affect your safety, or the safety of others. Please find me on social media and tag me (Below), we also use the hashtag #salvagesistercharis where you can see other visitors images.

Q – I don’t want my photo taken, what should I do?

A – Just say the word and we’ll make sure you were never seen! Just make sure you let me know in the order notes when you check out for your workshop/s – or at least 48 hours before the class – if more than 2 attendees do not want images taken the photographer will be cancelled (if applicable).

Q – I want to come and make the item but it’s too big to take home, what should I do?

A – If you cannot carry the item and do not have a vehicle you can arrange a courier or donate the item to the Woodstore/Venue for them to sell and put funds back into the organisation. In special circumstances The Salvage Sister may help you arrange logistics of items, but this must be agreed prior to the workshop day, please get in touch for details.

Q – What if I’m late?

A – We always ask attendees to arrive in time because it gives you time to get aquatinted with each other, get your PPE on and start the class in a relaxed manner.

Classes start at the proposed time whether you are there or not (Sorry – 5 mins grace is the norm, then we carry on).

This is because the whole class will find it difficult to finish if they are all delayed. If you come late please slide in, dump your stuff and grab your PPE, there will usually someone on hand to guide you while the class continues. When I have set the class their next task I will come back to you and go over what you have missed, bear in mind however – that you may not finish your piece if you are late & we cannot stay later because of this.

Although sometimes being late is unavoidable, if you are running late please let me know here.

Depending on how late you are you may find that you do not have enough time to complete the build, or you may miss parts of the class as we cannot hold up all the students.

Q – How can I  phone to tell you I’m late/cancelling/can’t make it etc

A – I do not list my phone number because I cannot take calls. When I’m running a class I can’t for obvious reasons, and when I’m working on commissions etc I often don’t hear the phone & do not have time to take calls & check orders distractions all day. Everything you need to know should be listed in these FAQ’s & T&C’s – if you feel something should be added here let me know by getting in touch here, or adding comments below.

Therefor all correspondence must be made via email within the correct timescales. If someone is missing I will make sure I go through my emails at the earliest available opportunity – however; if you are trying to let me know you cannot make it on the day of your class it is already too late. Please see my T&C’s regarding Cancellations, Refunds & Rescheduling.

Q – Is there access for people with limited mobility?

A – Wherever possible I try to make workshops as accessible as possible – please check the facilities on the venue listing & let me know in the order notes if you require assistance in any way.

Q – I’ve got a question you haven’t answered!!

A – Ok, great stuff – Please add it in the comments section & I will add it here with your answer ASAP 😉

Q – Where can I find the Workshop Terms and Conditions?

A – Head to the Workshop Tab – you will notice several option in the drop down menu, Workshop Terms and Conditions are listed there. Or you can click here.