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We are back!!

*New dates listed for 2021*

Workshops have been delayed again due to the new COVID tier system.

All workshops have been rescheduled to early 2021 – with the first workshop ‘Pallet Furniture’ on 16th January in Midsussex.

New dates have been listed as far ahead as April 2021 – please book now to avoid disappointment.

Classes at Mid Sussex only run on Saturdays

Pallet Furniture:

16th January 

30th January 

27th February 

27th march 

17th April 


13th February

Pallet Planter Workshop

13th March

Classes start at 10:30am with half an hour lunch & conclude at 5pm.

My  Terms and conditions have changed – by booking this workshop you agree to be bound by them so please check them out.

Why not view my Freestyle & Pallet Planter Workshop that also run at MidSussex? 

I will notify everyone of new dates here & via my mailing list – click it to make sure you’re signed up & on the right list!! (Check ‘Workshops’ or ‘Everything’ options please.)

We have all new Workshop Venues!

We are no longer running workshops at Brighton Woodstore in Elder Place – this store is no longer standing! (Nothing to do with me, I promise… it’s being redeveloped.)

The Woodstore are still going strong & are offering a delivery only service until they find their new home.

In the meantime I have been very busy finding new workshop venues, I have several lined up… and more in the queue.

Pallet furniture, Pallet planter & Freestyle classes start again in 2021

at Mid Sussex Wood Recycling!

Many of our new venues are schools and universities with fantastic facilities.

However, as you can imagine they have a lot on right now with full-time students having for Christmas & their return after. So workshops at these venues will be released later than others to give these organisations time to regroup safely.

Some workshops are better suited to certain venues than others, for instance MidSussex is perfect for Pallet & Freestyle workshops, so we are starting there.

Powertools for Beginners,

Lamp Making & more…

Will be added soon – I have had to reschedule the proposed release again due to the new tier system.

As these venues are educational establishments, their duty is first to their students safety & wellbeing.

Which is why I have been asked to hold off release of these classes until we have clearer news on the tier system.

My aim (all being good) is to release tickets to all my workshop classes & add some new ones (including metalwork) by Christmas – the dates of classes will start February & continue through to April.

If you are worried about waiting to purchase tickets as presents – please use my virtual gift card option.

When dates are bookable I will let you know via a mail out and on social media.

Remember – No one ever uses a Salvage Sister ticket! We can always reschedule classes – make sure you check out my T&C’s ; you can now reschedule your own class!

You can find my socials at the bottom of this page, come and get involved!

Thank you, I mean it…

For your continued support, your unwavering loyalty & your patience!!

It’s been a long old road, but I think we might just make it guys!

Peace Out,

Charis xx

Ps. Check me and Dave out with your pallets at MidSussex Wood Recycling 😉