Salvage Sister Workshop Venues.

Would you love the Salvage Sister to host a workshop at your venue?

Maybe you are dying to run your own workshops, but are not sure where to start?

The Salvage Sister is actively searching for potential workshop venues across the UK for her nationwide tour, and a few venues closer to home in Brighton & surrounding areas, where she will be able to offer a wider range of courses & learning.

(If you want to book, rather than host a class please click here)

Whether you have a venue & would like to put it forward for a one-off workshop as part of the Salvage Sister’s UK tour, or would like to run ongoing workshops as a supplement to your business – we want to hear from you!

Want to be involved?

Simply sign up to my mailing here – and make sure you click ‘Potential Workshop Venue’ (as well as any other areas you are interested in) so we can easily contact you with developments.

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Continue reading to make sure your venue is suitable;

What kind of workshops can you host?

If you’ve seen the workshops we currently offer here at The WoodStore in Brighton, this will give you a good idea – however we want to add to this to cover more areas too, such as;

Woodworking – all types including pallet workshops, crafting, DIY skills, Powertools for Beginners.

Metalwork – forging, welding, fabrication, jewellery & scrap sculpture.

Lamp making, furniture painting, upcycling, repurposing & upholstery.

Ceramics, glass blowing, pottery.

We are looking for venues for any of the above & more.

What is a good venue for a workshop?

An indoor area with power & ideally surfaces which are suitable work benches.

Your venue must be safe & appropriate for the type of workshops you want to hold & have enough space for a minimum of 6 people to work in.

Think about ventilation (if applicable) and safety while the class works.

Other things to consider are local amenities & facilities on site. You will need parking on site or within walking distance, at least one WC, and be close enough to transport links so the attendees can visit.

What time/s does the workshop need to be available?

Classes can run on weekdays or weekends, during the day and up to 9pm for evening classes.

The beauty of hosting workshops is that you can choose to run classes when your workshop is not in use by you, or your staff.

Depending on your business this might be a couple of evenings a week, or only weekends, or maybe you don’t work Mondays so it’s free then.

People want to learn at various times around their other responsibilities, so the time you have available might be perfect for them. My current workshops are approximately 3 hours long for Powertools for Beginners, and up to 6 six hours long for larger projects.

We are also hoping to be able to start evening classes during the week where students can sign up to a 4 – 6 week program of 1 night a week.

How do I set up my own workshop classes?

If you are primarily interested in running your own workshops but are not sure how to go about it – don’t worry you have come to the right place!

The Salvage Sister has been running crafting classes most Fridays and Saturdays for the last two years at The WoodStore in Brighton, and has lead workshops at other venues for well known brands & organisations such as B&Q & Acorn Reuse.

During this time she’s learnt a lot about hosting events, from securing clients & bookings, how to market & advertise workshop events, what insurance is needed, and how to secure sponsorship, how to overcome pitfalls & problems, not to mention how to talk to audiences & teach people the safe & exciting way that inspires!

The Salvage Sister will be offering training in regards to the above & also a marketing, advertising & booking service – so you don’t have to waste tens of thousands of pounds and even more hours figuring it out yourself – your time is precious & we know you need to use it as efficiently as possible.

Once you have it figured out, hosting workshop classes can be an excellent way of creating awareness for your business & gaining extra income.

Since setting up workshop classes the Salvage Sister has gone from strength to strength, gained another 20k followers on Instagram, and 5k on facebook, and is regularly asked to write or feature in magazines, newspapers and the press, appear on TV shows, blogs, podcasts, headline events & be a sponsor for international brands like ESAB & Dickies.

There’s really no end to the places you can go when you teach & inspire others. Are you ready to catapult yourself to stardom & join the Salvage Sister’s team of approved workshop hosts?

What happens next?

Please fill out the form below to register your interest, we will contact you as soon as we have enough of you to start formulating a plan.

Please make sure you have read all of the information above so nothing is a surprise later on. Please only add your venue if you are serious about hosting, or running workshops in collaboration with the Salvage Sister & you believe your venue fits the criteria outlined above for the type of workshops you wish to run.

(You must be signed up to my mailing here – and add yourself to the ‘Potential Workshop Venue’ on sign up so we can easily contact you with developments. )

This is going to be amazing,

I’m so pleased you are here to join me!

Workshop Venue/Host Application Form

Apply to host Salvage Sister Workshops
  • Tell us the nearest major city to your workshop, for Instance - Brighton, Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow.
  • Please bare in mind that your venue MUST be suitable for the type of workshops you want to run. (For instance, you cannot forge in a carpenters studio due to the high temperatures of forging being a fire hazard in a timber yard.)
  • This helps us to work out how many students we can book for the venue in one day, and what crafts they might be able to complete in the space.
  • Please make sure the lighting is good & it is clean and tidy - it is important that these images 'sell' your workshop, we will be looking at these as we choose locations and these may become deciding factors for popular types of workshops in the same area.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, .
  • This gives us an idea of the local area & how easily people could get to the venue.
  • Use this space for anything you want to tell, or ask us about running workshops.

Thank you for submitting your interest, we’ll be in touch soon.